Do More Than Dream...Go!

by Tamra Bolton

A cozy winter evening by the fire is the perfect time to start dreaming of where you want to go in 2016.  I’m not talking about work goals or fitness goals, but what your heart longs to see and do this year.

Where have you always longed to go?  What place or places on this planet make your heart beat a little faster?  What do you see yourself doing in those places?  Why not make 2016 the year you make those dreams come true?

I can imagine myself in the shadow of the mighty snow-capped Andes, riding like the wind on a black horse, mane and tail flying as I cross the Argentine Pampas…I can see myself sitting around a toasty campfire sipping yerba mate with the local gauchos and listening to their tall tales…or basking on the stone patio of a sun-drenched vineyard while sipping a perfectly balanced Malbec.  That’s my dream…what’s yours?

Best Bottle makes dreams come true with their bespoke travel packages.  You can design your own adventure with their helpful travel concierge staff…I call it “easy dreaming”. 

They are your guide to adventure and luxury across the world…and can make your dreams a reality. This year, do more than dream about your heart’s desire; let Best Bottle make it happen!