Best Bottle

Best Bottle is a luxury lifestyle brand focused primarily around wine and travel. At a deeper level, we are storytellers. We believe that behind every bottle of wine lives a story. To choose our wines we look beyond the wine scores to discover the wines and stories that slip under the radar of the big wine critics. Best Bottle is a wine community, an entire platform to make wine more approachable, more fun and more interesting for the average consumer. In addition to wine sales, wine club memberships and customer winery focused travel packages, Best Bottle is filming our winemaking competition Real Reality TV series this Fall in Sonoma California and Willamette Valley Oregon. In essence, Best Bottle brings you the stories that deserve a place at your table, and ours

The Wine Club

The Best Bottle Wine Club is a great way to experience wine. Your choice of 2, 4, or 8 bottles ships to your home 4 times a year. These clubs are offered in all red wine, all white wine or mixed! Joining the wine club is an amazing way to experience wines that you have never been able to enjoy. Most of the wines offered through our wine club are not available at your local grocery store.

Exclusive Travel Packages

Best Bottle has partnered with the award winning, Kensington Tours to create the experience of a lifetime. All of out Travel Packages are tailored for travelers to see things they have never seen before. Live your own Best Bottle moment with an Exclusive Wine Experience. See Wine Country like never before!

Real Reality TV Show: Best Bottle

Best Bottle, focused around an intense competition, takes the best of reality TV and combines it with a global passion: the love of wine. Contestants are divided into two groups, based in different wine-making regions to compete against each other, Mother Nature, and time - with each group crafting their "Best Bottle" of wine. Both groups include a reputable winemaker accompanied by five aspiring winemakers, known in the industry as cellar rats. The nickname "cellar rat" refers to "one who labors in the cellar (or barrel room) of a winery never seeing the light of day. Quite like a rat."

During each episode the host, and a celebrity co-host, guides the teams through challenges and competitions. Every week contestants who perform well earn rewards, while the poorest performing contestant is eliminated from the group and leaves the show. After a series of eliminations, the two seasoned winemakers are left with one contestant apiece to coach though the final stage of the competition. The winning contestant, chosen by a panel of celebrity judges and loyal viewers, receives a $100k cash prize, the opportunity to bottle one vintage under the Best Bottle label, and a custom designed advertising campaign.